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Q: How are your products so inexpensive?
A: We offer the highest quality products at the best prices. But we don't have huge overhead, advertising budgets or middlemen. We sell direct to you.  This allows us to sell you the same high quality products for much less than the big name companies are.

Q: Do you ship outside of the USA?  
A: Yes, we ship internationally all the time.  Our website is configured to calculate shipping costs based on your location.  If you ever have a question about how much shipping is to your country just contact us.  Also, due to tightened security concerns and the size of our containers, shipments of wheels to some countries could be cost prohibitive.  To find out more, just contact us. 

Q: Why are the logos on your wheels so understated?
A: J2 is proud of the logo patterns supplied with each wheelset.  We purposefully made them smaller and more understated as compared to the big brands to meet what customers really want.  Most riders want to let their riding do the talking.  Each set of carbon wheels from J2 comes with decals unapplied.  We leave it to you to apply decals as you like.

Q: Do you have a crash replacement program?
A: We don't have a formal crash replacement program, but if you find yourself in this situation, just contact us.  We'll work something out.
Q: Do the wheels come with Quick Release skewers?
A: Yes, the skewers are included with the wheels but are not included in the listed weight of the wheels.

Q: Do your wheels require Carbon-Specific brake pads?
A: Yes, we include Carbon-specific brake pads with every set of wheels we sell at no extra charge.  These pads are required for proper braking.  Using brakes pads other than those supplied by J2 can damage the wheels and should not be done.  It will also void your warranty.

Feel free to call or email, we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

TEL: 847-609-0299